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It’s a fact — humans are visual beings. If you’ve got a fantastic space in a wonderful location but continue to struggle with gaining traction for your Airbnb listing, improving the photographs attached to your listing could be the key to maximising your home’s occupancy. For many, photography for Airbnb remains a challenge, especially considering that booking a professional photographer through the Airbnb platform is a lengthy process which is not available in all areas. To do justice to the home that you’ve put endless hours of love, care and money into, be sure to follow each of the tips we’ve outlined below.

1. Keep your home looking picture-perfect by minimising your own personal clutter.

Both throughout the duration of your photoshoot and the duration of your guests’ stays, consider placing your personal items in storage. Minimising clutter — including personal possessions such as photographs, as well as excessive decor — will make each room appear much more comfortable, spacious and open. Take care, however, to keep your home looking lively with artworks and fresh plants — adding style tastefully.

2. Attach high quality photos to your listing only.

High quality photos add credibility to your listing, whilst poorly lit, low resolution, small images will likely give make your listing look tacky or even fraudulent. You don’t need to own a top-of-the-line camera in order to achieve great results with your photography — in fact, many smart phones can take fantastic photographs under the right circumstances — but do be critical of the quality of your photographs, and consider organising alternative arrangements if your photographs are not up-to-scratch.

3. Carefully select the order of your photographs.

The first impression of any potential guests is likely to be coloured significantly by the very first few photographs they see on your listing. To upload a diverse range of photographs on your listing will give your listing credibility, but be careful when ordering your photos to place your absolute best photographs first, in order to firmly capture the attention of your audience.

4. Don’t limit your photographs to your living room and bedrooms.

When trying to embody what exactly it is that makes your home beautiful, think outside the box. Photographs of all bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms are essential, of course — but photographs of your fabulous view, fireplace or spacious backyard (and any other elements of your home that make it unique) can give any potential guests an extra bit of incentive to book your home in such a saturated market.

5. Consider enlisting the help of a professional photographer.

At HomeHost, we offer a complete Airbnb management service — including the process of creating and optimising your listing to ensure a phenomenal occupancy rate for your property. If you are struggling to gain traction with your listing, why not get in touch with our team? We can enlist the help of a professional photographer to do the hard work for you, and we guarantee that you’ll be delighted with the final product.

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