If you’re thinking Airbnb is only relevant in beachside suburbs, you gotta think again

By now, chances are, if you haven’t already engaged in renting out your own home on Airbnb, you’ve probably stayed in someone else’s. Living in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, I’ve seen the hugely increasing trend to vacate your family home during peak holiday periods to finance your own holiday.  Speaking to many families in the area (particularly beachside), it’s not uncommon to arrange your own vacation on the back of renting out your home.

It’s not news that the property market in the east is hot and that the economy surges with tourism at peak periods throughout the year. In this business, property trends and location hotspots are the currency we trade on.  Areas get hot and bookings follow. Right now, many families are arranging the Airbnb accommodation for their visiting relatives from overseas or interstate over the Christmas period and chances are, options are starting to tighten up already.

Even for the upcoming July school holidays, the demand for properties in the area is high as visitors from interstate flood in.  Every day I field enquiries from families as to how they can realise the potential for the short term rental of their property to secure funds for their trip.

Once again, this is not news really. We all know how active the beachside suburbs can be. But what I’ve seen of late is a real shift in the need for not just beach pads, but for suburban family homes close to transport and key amenities.

Key areas are starting to open up with increasing demand. In Sydney in particular, business travellers are expressing keen interest in apartments close to the CBD, the business hubs of the western suburbs and well situated areas like Surry Hills and Newtown.  These travellers are after apartments with easy access to transport, areas to work or hold meetings/showings in with Wifi and amenities which previously they have paid high rates for in central hotels.  The personal, homelier and often more stylish appeal of Airbnb has given rise to a class of regular business traveller who rejects the fuss (and astronomical rates) of hotel stays.

Aside from this, there is a growing appetite for family homes in locations nowhere near the bars and beachside appeal of Bondi, Manly or Palm Beach. These families are after secure homes in locations which give them easy access to events and amenities. Major sporting events and concerts tend to draw large numbers in our listings in Sydney’s West. Proximity to the stadiums and concert venues have meant that families in Sydney’s west are able to access income from their home to fund overseas trips themselves.

If you have a well located family home or a great little pad located close to transport, key amenities or business districts like Parramatta, it’s time to consider how you can turn this into regular and generous short term rental income.

For more information on just how simple Airbnbing your home can be, reach out to us at HomeHost. Our business is based on listing your property across as many platforms as possible to get you the best bookings around.  From property photography and staging through to cleaning, stocking and check-ins, our service provides an end to end service. It’s our mission to ensure you get the most return with the minimum fuss, freeing you and your family to holiday together with a little extra income.