What do Airbnb guests really want

As an Airbnb management agency, we come across hundreds of thousands of guests every year. When Airbnb first started, there were a few random flats available. Nothing but a simple, homely and clean property which had a few amenities. At the same time, also, guests’ expectations were not that high.
However, just after a few years when the business really started blooming, also more and more effort was put into the properties. Airbnb property management agencies started opening to offer services for hosts. In a very short time, the whole thing grew bigger than probably anybody was expecting. Of course, growing bigger brings more competition as well as more options for the guests. So, in the end, the guests also started to be more demanding. They now know that by comparing places, they might be able to find something spectacular at the same price that they would pay for an ordinary flat.
All this has put more pressure on the hosts to improve on their properties and stand out from the massive line-up of properties that are available not only on Airbnb but other platforms too.

Airbnb management service knows now very well what the guests are expecting and how to deliver the best experience for them. It’s not rocket science. Even with small touches here and there, it’s possible to rise to the top-notch of the list. Other factors are not in the hand of the host, such as location and surrounding noises, but those things need to be considered too when applying all the details in the listing.

As a host, it’s actually not a bad idea to also try out an Airbnb property when traveling. First of all, it will give you a chance to browse through places like travellers do. Secondly, it provides an opportunity to see the details that capture your eye, see how different listings appear on the website. Thirdly, you can later implement these changes to your own listing.

Guests want a location that is easy for them depending on the means of traveling they use. Public transport users don’t want to spend another hour on a bus again, reaching the accommodation and would instead prefer a central location. Guests who are traveling by themselves with a car don’t mind driving a bit outside of town too. Guests coming for business naturally want to be close to the meetings which they will be attending.
Parking options are very important. Guests don’t want a hustle of trying to look for a space for their car. They prefer to know in advance exactly where they are going to park and how far it is from the property.

Guests want to know about any unexpected noises that may occur during their stay. If the property is close to the railway, the neighbours big truck starts every morning at 5 a.m., or there’s a rooster who wants to tell everybody good morning, then mention these things in your listing. Also, don’t forget to mention any preventive measures that can be taken to avoid the noises breaking a peaceful morning.

Utilities and electronics all work in a different way in different countries. Remember to consider this when receiving guests from other countries. Guests want to enjoy the heating or air-conditioning, but it can be quite frustrating if there aren’t any clear instructions available on how to use them.
Guests want to know exactly what amenities are available and how they are arranged. It’s good to mention if it is possible to use the washing machine, but if it’s a common machine for the whole building and you need to book a time to use it, it’s also good to mention that. Wi-Fi is pretty much a must now for every property to have. Don’t forget to mention if it only works in certain areas of the property.

It’s not always so easy to get a clear picture of the size of the property just by looking at pictures. Different angles give a different view of the space. Remember to be honest about the area. You can make a merely small studio to look bigger in the photos, but it’s good to tell the necessary information on the size. If the toilet and bathroom are far from the room in the corridor, mention that too. Don’t ever make it sound better than it is.

It’s good to be specific about pets too. One of the great things about Airbnb is that it allows guests to bring in their own pets. But allergies are common also, and if a cat has occupied your property for several weeks, it’s important to let the guests know. Just in case because they might have a severe allergy for cats. We’ve seen cancellations because of properties were full of cat hair without the allergic guest being aware of that in advance.

When guests search for properties, they are able to list them down according to their search preferences. That is why Airbnb offers such a wide range of amenities that can be listed on your property. Make sure you give accurate information about each amenity so that your guests won’t have to be disappointed when they arrive.

In the end, it’s really basic things that matter the most: good location, reasonable price, peaceful atmosphere, privacy, and cleanliness. Even the smallest space can be styled into a very interesting property with the right touch of design. Airbnb property management does styling, which can make your place look very comfy and stand out from the other properties.

Guests want to feel the homely setting with a touch of luxury. They don’t need the full services of an ordinary hotel, but they want to feel welcomed and well taken care of. They don’t want unpleasant surprises, although they can sometimes happen no matter how much effort is put on the property. But even in case of unexpected problems, it’s how they are handled, which matters the most. Never keep your guests waiting if something breaks or is not functioning properly.

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