I recently saw a statistic that showed me just how important Pet Friendly Airbnb Properties and furry dependents are on our travel decisions. According to HomeAway, one of our major partners, 73% of parents say their kids have significant influence over holiday planning. I guess that stands to reason. Family holidays are about spending time together, doing things everyone enjoys.

CatLikewise, where families stay can be a choice driven by the little ones. Put aside for a second the fact that not all homes are pet friendly Airbnb properties or kid-friendly, making sure that your accommodation ticks all the boxes for the kids is a big one.

Through HomeHost, we’re finding an increasing number of families are wanting us to take care of the short term rental of their homes to generate income for their own family holidays. It’s something we do exceptionally well (if we don’t say so ourselves). A lot of our expertise is in making sure that properties are geared for the correct market. As such, we have a checklist for families to consider when Airbnbing their property. It’s a match – match set to what we know other families are looking for when they holiday.

Here are our top tips:
● Safety – it’s top of the list for a reason
● Wifi – if you’re a parent, we really don’t need to explain this one to you
● Lack of wi-fi – now here’s an interesting one. More and more we’re seeing that families often want some down time, away from the screens. Setting up wifi as completely optional can be a real selling point.
● Pet friendly – now this isn’t appropriate for all properties or families, but if there is an option to bring Rover along, it certainly widens the market. In fact, over 27% of dogs living in urban areas are now taken on holiday with their owners. We can assist you to make allowances in your own property to cater for pets. Installing a pet door, including dog bowls, kitty litter and pet supplies is a great way to charge a premium.
● Coffee machines and a fun appliance (think slushie machine or waffle maker) in the kitchen can tip the booking in your favour.
● A games console – no explanation required right?
● Boardgames
● Beach umbrellas and towels for homes with pools or beach locations
● Property listing photographs that show your property is lived in, comfortable and stylish – not just a show home full of glass objects to be broken unwittingly

So if you’re considering a family holiday yourself (with or without fur baby), we’re the people you want to speak to. End to end, we can take care of all the details a successful property listing requires. Our team are geared towards making sure that we can return you the optimal rental income. From property staging, photography and placement on all platforms (we’re all across HomeAway, Airbnb, Booking.com), through to re-stocking, cleaning and checkins/outs, we’re the best in the business at managing your home. Reach out to us to discuss how your home can help pay for your next holiday – one your kids and dog can look forward to!