bondi beachThe modern Sharing Economy has brought about a number of fantastic changes in the travel and tourism industry — one of the most outstanding and ‘disruptive’ of platforms born from this economy being the all-powerful home-sharing network Airbnb. At HomeHost, we’re passionate about Airbnb for a number of reasons; it’s an incredible way to generate extra income, make the most of unused space, meet new people from all walks of life, and — most importantly — it draws tourists from all over the world to our amazing home city. At HomeHost, we’re proud of what our stunning area has to offer — That’s why we’re delighted to bring you this collection of the absolute must-see attractions and activities in beautiful Bondi.

1. The Bondi Markets

Held every Sunday from 9am — just across the road from Bondi beach — the Bondi Markets perfectly illustrate the “artsy, laid-back” vibe of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Families flock to the very lively Bondi Markets for everything from fresh food and flowers, to locally made art and vintage homewards — or simply stroll through to enjoy the beautiful weather and easygoing, beachy atmosphere.

2. The Bondi to Bronte Walk

The Bondi to Bronte Walk is certainly one of Australia’s most iconic walking trails, bringing both tourists and locals by the busload. Featuring stunning coastal views stretching across approximately four kilometres, the trail is undoubtedly a must-see; a fantastic place to unwind with a leisurely stroll and appreciate the great outdoors — or, if you’re up for it — work in your cardio session for the day.

3. Bars and Clubs

Though Bondi locals thrive in the summer sun, the Bondi nightlife scene is alive and well. Bondi is home to some of Sydney’s most dynamic bars and clubs, so if you plan on visiting the area after dark — you’re in for a treat! Be sure to keep an open mind, however, as some of the best bars and clubs in Bondi can be quite eccentric.

4. Cafes

Bondi locals love their coffee and their brunch, so it’s no surprise that Bondi is a burning hot-spot for some of Sydney’s most vibrant cafes. When visiting Bondi, you’re likely to find a number of cafes on every block — including a number of unique ‘hidden gems’ to discover. Catching up with friends over a coffee is a popular local past-time and our favourite way to spend a morning.

5. Swim, surf or sunbathe!

Bondi is surely Australia’s most prolific beach, with good reason. If adrenaline is what you’re after, the famous Bondi surf may be your calling! If you’re a slightly weaker swimmer, however, there are a number of still pools for you to cool off in. Bondi beach is also well-known as a fantastic spot for celebrity spotting, with a number of high-profile personalities from all over the world making appearances especially in the summer months.

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