Sydney ranks 8th in the world for the number of Airbnb hosts offering a place to stay, and the number is multiplying every year. In this kind of crowded Airbnb market, it is vital to stand out so that people find and book your property.
There are a few simple tricks that you can do for your property to bring it up to the next level and increase your bookings.

Great Photos

People buy with their eyes. If you have out-of-date or mediocre quality photos on your listing, you are likely to be losing bookings. Ask your Airbnb management service to get high quality and well-focused images. Internal images should be taken in bright midday light, as people will not want to go somewhere that looks dark or grimy. However, exterior photos should be taken at dusk, when carefully placed lighting can make it look atmospheric and welcoming. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning of your Airbnb before any photography and highlight any unusual or unique features that make you a standout host. More photos directly correlate to more revenue, so get snapping!

increase your airbnb bookings

Go a Little Extra

Hosts that give their guests something extra are always appreciated. It doesn’t have to be much, perhaps just a bottle of wine or some water, or maybe a few additional spices or basics for cooking.

An excellent holiday home agency can give you advice on what guests in your area, particularly like and can help you arrange whatever you choose for each new stay. Food is particularly welcome;

Airbnb rentals that provide free breakfast can charge up to 11% more per night than those that don’t, because of the perceived extra value and quality of the host.

Keep Your Property Stocked and Clean

There is nothing worse than going to an Airbnb and feeling like the hosts have been stingy with the essentials, like toilet paper, or that you must wash the dishes between every course because there are only two plates. Your Airbnb rental management company should make sure that these items are restocked and checked between each guest always to have the right amount available. That doesn’t mean being excessive, but a perception of generosity by hosts will make sure guests feel welcome and valued, which will keep your ratings high.

Be unique

Don’t forget, Airbnb is a business, so you should market it as such. You can work with your Airbnb agent to create a compelling listing that lets guests see why they should choose your property over others. Don’t focus on things that everyone has; focus on what makes yours better. Do you have a particularly unique view or a great outdoor entertaining area? Consider your target market and what might appeal to them. Overall, 60% of Airbnb guests are under 35 and 54% are female, and although this might vary in your area, it is worth ensuring your listing is particularly appealing for this demographic.
If you follow these simple steps, you will increase your booking rate and your guest satisfaction.

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