How Important Is a 5-Star Review on Airbnb

Online reviews have become a common feature of how buyers make decisions in almost every sector. Accommodation is no different, with TripAdvisor becoming one of the world’s leading travel websites on the back of millions of reviews of hotels and accommodation options. In fact, over 93% of customers refer to reviews before making a purchasing decision. So just how critical is a 5-star review for your property on Airbnb?

Credibility and Reliability

On average, buyers will not engage with a business that has a rating of less than 3.3 out of 5, but they prefer to engage with companies that rate over 4 or 4.5 stars. This buyer inclination means it is vital for hosts on Airbnb to get at least a 4-star rating, with a 5-star being the preference. You can write the best listing for your property, but it doesn’t mean anything if guests do not leave that crucial rating. If future guests see a 4 or 5-star review, they know other guests have enjoyed the experience you offer and that you are honest about how good your property is. Guests who believe they will have a pleasant experience are guests who will make a booking.

Superhost Status

Listings that have over 5-star ratings for over 80% of their reviews are granted a Superhost status by Airbnb, which comes as a badge on your listing. Many guests will only book with Superhosts, as they are confident that they will get the experience they are paying for and will enjoy—so you’ve got to get, and keep getting, those 5-star reviews to keep getting bookings.

Better Ranking Means More Viewers

Airbnb’s ranking algorithm is complicated, but in a saturated market like Sydney, it is crucial to rank as highly as possible to attract guests. The ranking is based on your reviews, both the number, timeframe, and how good they are. Getting 5-star reviews won’t directly impact your ranking, but getting consistently good reviews works into the complex calculations and eventually, you will move up higher, giving you access to more bookings.

Ask for It!

Only around 70% of guests leave a review. Airbnb has revised its approach to try to secure more reviews of both guests and hosts, but ultimately, many guests do not opt to do so. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask them! If you are confident, you delivered a 5-star experience, get your holiday home agency to reach out to guests within a few days of their trip to ask about their experiences, and to leave a review. Guests often forget so a simple reminder can be all you need. Depending on experiences with other guests in the area, your Airbnb management service may recommend that you offer an incentive for guests leaving a review, such as a discount for future stays.

Getting consistent 5-star reviews is essential in making your Airbnb business generate constant high levels of income. Work with your Airbnb rental management to make sure you are delivering 5-star service from the outset of the guest’s experience, and follow up when they leave, and you’ll be sure to see the reviews rolling in!