Airbnb Prepping

So I’m standing here in the centre of my lounge room, surrounded by bags, boxes and suitcases. It’s that time of year again, where my wife has flown off to spend time with her family and I’m going to join her – later.

So, I’m kinda on my own here. Sure, as a professional I’ve been able to sort out the Airbnb short term rental of my family home.  All is great there, got a nice family booking, fantastic rates  – giving me money towards my own trip. Perfect!

airbnb rental preparation

The trouble is, like I guess many of my clients experience – now I have to get my home ready for the Airbnb guests. Here comes Airbnb Prep 101. Now I’m not talking about Airbnb cleaners here – that’s easy, I have some of the best in the business.  Key exchanges, re-stocking, meet and greet – same thing, I have a highly professional team to take care of that.

But, where I’m really struggling is getting my place ready. Do I leave my suits in the wardrobe? Where do I store my valuables? Do I leave the family photos up? Arghhh – my kid’s toys – do I want another child playing with those?  And, I’m on my own – did I mention that already?

It’s a lot of work, and as I’m going through it on my own, preparing my home for a month long Airbnb booking, it’s made me realise that Airbnb prepping is something we have to focus on in my business, HomeHost.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but short term and long term Airbnb rental is a fantastic way to earn extra income for investment properties, but when you’re renting out your family home, there’s usually a little more involved.  In response to this, I’d like to introduce our new Airbnb prepping service (and yes, I am my own first customer).

Introducing Airbnb Prepping by HomeHost

Airbnb Prepping is a completely customisable service we now offer our customers, removing any of the hard work normally associated with renting out your own property on Airbnb short term or long term.

Our first step is to listen. We’ll sit down with you over the phone and take a moment to understand what your requirements are.  It may be as simple as removing your fine china into storage, arranging your dog boarding, or packing up most of what you own into your garage.

And then we’ll make a time to come to your home and walk through what needs to be done.  Our recommendation here is that you’re prepared with a list and can give us access to what needs to be stored or addressed.

From here, we’ll get our A Team onto it to deliver an estimate of hours and a price so you can sit back and relax.  The idea is that we need to make your Airbnb rental easy and seamless.

My business is based in the management of Airbnb rentals and I have to say that the prepping is usually the most stressful portion for my clients.  Every day I’m asked “how do I Airbnb my home?”, when really the question is – literally – “How do I do this?”.

Well, as I see it now, we have you covered. From creating beautiful listings across Airbnb, HomeAway, Agoda and to preparing your home for guests, greeting them on arrival and maintaining your property, ours is an end to end service which gives you two very important things – Money and Time.

Get in touch with me today so I can talk you through our services.