The range of options for technology for your home has become almost endless. Ranging from smarthome devices that can do almost everything but stock the fridge for you, through to integrated music and speaker systems, there is a technological solution for every possible problem in the home. But they aren’t cheap—consumer spending on technology worldwide is around USD$2.06 trillion dollars, growing at around 5.1% annually. You might be tempted to fill your Airbnb with gadgets, but there are some that Airbnb management companies particularly recommend that will add more value to your rental than others.

House Access

Airbnb guests love a simple access solution, especially if they are arriving late at night or have booked the entire property to themselves and may not want to be greeted by their host on arrival. And that doesn’t even cover the benefit of being able to let your Airbnb management service in easily or reduce your costs from lost or not returned keys. There are plenty of options on the market, depending on what you are looking for and what you want to achieve. These include: • Electronic entry systems, which replace the key entirely with a code that you can provide to guests, although your holiday home agency will need to change it regularly to maintain security.

• Smart access systems give entry to your property through a registered smartphone and provide greater control over entry.

Smart Controls

Smart remote controls for your home are becoming more and more popular. Although these can be expensive to install, they allow you or your Airbnb management service to log in to turn off lights of air conditioning remotely. Especially if you live somewhere like Sydney with high air conditioning costs, you might find reduced power bills quickly offset the upfront cost for installing these gadgets!

air bnb household gadgets

Smart Entertainment

Guests love it when they can access entertainment while staying in an Airbnb. It is after all part of what makes an Airbnb stand out from a hotel. At a minimum, provide your guests with a USB charging plug and a Bluetooth speaker for guests so that they can use their own devices easily. However, there are plenty of other options to upgrade to genuinely 5-star service. You could set up a Netflix account for guests, for a relatively cheap monthly cost, especially during colder months when they may be less likely to go out and want to enjoy the amenities of your property. You could also consider providing a Foxtel subscription, although this does have a higher cost so is it worth seeking advice from your Airbnb rental management team to see if it is worth it for the kind of guests you would be attracting. Finally, if you get a lot of American guests, it is worth looking into an Apple TV or Google Chromecast, both of which are one-time investments that allow guests to log in and stream their own entertainment.

If used carefully, technology gadgets can offer increased value in your rental, giving you access to better ratings and more guests. So, give it a go!

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