Airbnb property

The modern sharing economy is here to stay, thriving, driven by the forceful success of platforms such as online marketplace Airbnb. So — you’ve got a spare bedroom, or your home is about to be left vacant while you jet off on holiday. Why not join the many others who have opted to generate a little extra income by becoming an Airbnb host?

Many of us have now bypassed major hotels in favour of often comfier, more affordable spaces booked via Airbnb. If you are one of these people, you will understand that the sharing economy relies heavily on the Airbnb host and their guests to collectively make the experience an easy and rewarding one. Now — if you have decided that Airbnb is the right avenue for your empty space — being a good Airbnb host is paramount. We’ve collated five of the most significant habits that successful Airbnb hosts have in common, resulting in fantastic reviews from guests and a fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

1. Honesty

Bad reviews are the result of your guests’ disappointment. The easiest way to prevent this is with a listing (and subsequent communication) that is realistic and straightforward about your living situation, or any significant qualities that might affect your guests’ stay. If your home has some unusual quirks, this does not mean you cannot be a fantastic Airbnb host — in fact, it is entirely likely that there will still be numerous travellers still happy to take on what you have to offer, as long as you are clear about exactly what it is that you are offering.

2. Clear Communication

Communicating clearly with your guests before their arrival, during their stay and after they’ve departed is absolutely essential — It will ensure a hiccup-free experience for both of you, and will allow you to make your guest feel as comfortable as possible. Ensure that you are clear on their arrival and departure times, as well as checking in to ensure that they are not having any issues in your home. Be careful, however, not to overwhelm your guest with too much fervour.

3. Attention to Detail

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes — after a long, tiring voyage, settling down in a comfortable home feels incredible. Airbnb Hosts who keep guests coming back are those who keep this in mind, maintaining a clean, inviting space. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to keep your home sparkling, and be sure to add some extra charm with fresh flowers, unique decor or a bottle of wine.

4. Managing Complaints

Managing your guests’ complaints is difficult, but crucial. Though it may seem daunting, handling complaints in a respectful and instantaneous manner will not only minimise the negative impacts these complaints can have, but can actually improve your reputation in the long run Transparency and immediacy is extremely important, so be sure to address problems as they come up, acknowledging the issue your guest is facing and acting quickly to investigate it. At all costs, avoid deflecting or ignoring any problems that arise — shifting blame or ignoring phone calls will only cause your guest to become more frustrated.

5. Organisation

Though listing your home on Airbnb is a fantastic way to earn some extra money while you’re away, it certainly requires some time and work on your end. Replacing amenities, washing linen, greeting guests — all these things are crucial, but can certainly become overwhelming if your home is regularly booked. If you struggle with organisation, consider hiring a professional Airbnb property management (like HomeHost) to manage this while you relax.

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