Airbnb trends for 2020

Did you know that in 2019 there were more 350,000 properties in Australia listed on Airbnb? That is quite a number and tells us exactly how popular the short-term property rental has become in Australia. More and more travellers heading for a holiday want to look for Airbnb properties because they know that here they have really been taken to the next level. They are not only places to find a simple shelter, but even astonishing villas and entire mansions are available.

Travelers want to have a unique experience with a local atmosphere. Luckily, our laws and regulations concerning Airbnb are still quite flexible, which gives a chance for more people to benefit from them. And it’s true that they don’t only benefit the property owners but also the whole tourism industry in the country. There’s been a lot of research done on the benefits of Airbnb visitors and what they bring to the community and all these speak on behalf of the short-term property rental.

But where is the best place for an Airbnb property this time? As a property management agency, we know very well, which are the most popular places to be and what to expect from 2020. We continuously follow the current trends and keep an eye on popular destinations. The biggest cities keep on trending year after year, and they can always rely on receiving plenty of visitors throughout the year. Places like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane never lose their popularity. But it’s good to bear in mind that there is also more competition in the big cities and your property would really need to stand out to success in the short term rental market.

Following 2019 and moving on with the new year, there are a few places that seem to be gaining more popularity this year. If you own a place there already or would be interested in investing in short term property rental, now is an excellent time to check at the most trending destinations of 2020.

Check out our list of these popular places, which have shown a massive increase in both domestic and international travelers in the past years. It’s time to invest in offering great short term rental services in the following places.

1.      Blackheath

Located just about 114 kilometers from Sydney is Blackheath. A beautiful city with lots to offer. Perfect for those who don’t want to be in the middle of the busy city but to travel a bit further and closer to nature. Blackheath is known for its numerous nature trails, including the heritage site of Blue Mountains National park. The competition between rental properties is not yet so intense like it is in the big cities, so this is the perfect time to invest in this location.

2.      Brisbane

Although being one of the biggest cities in Australia, the short term rental is still a bit new to this city. The reason why we look at Brisbane as a good location to invest in is that the number of tourists and travelers has increased every year in considerably large numbers. For example, in 2019, it was estimated that tourism in the area experienced a 9,7% increase. There is more competition than in some other places, but the occupancy rates are high, and more properties will definitely be needed to meet the guest requirements.

3.      Gold Coast

Just 75 kilometers from Brisbane lies this beautiful beach destination, which also offers a great variety of other activities. It’s not an unknown place, but it’s becoming more and more interesting for people and especially day visitors. Here you can expect to have a great market for short term property rental.

4.      Sunbury

Sunbury is one of the most rapidly growing tourist destinations in Australia. It’s also in fourth place at the official Airbnb Top 20 places to visit in 2020. So growth in the short-term property rental business is to be expected too. Now it’s time to invest in this location as next year the competition might get even more serious.

5.      Hobart

The Tasmanian government has announced how significant role Airbnb short term rentals have in the economy of the island. It has brought in more visitors and travelers from all over the world. The occupancy rate in Airbnb properties in Hobart is 80%, which is much higher than in other big cities in Australia.

6.      Adelaide

Adelaide is a necessary stopover for many travellers who explore the southern parts of Australia. That’s why there is an increasing need for more short-term rental properties. The property income is expected to be quite high here, and occupancy rates are also better than in other big cities. Definitely a place worth considering investing in.

That’s only a few hotspots which we know will become increasingly popular this year. Before investing in short-term property rental, do proper research on the current market. In that way, you can have a realistic picture of the actual possibilities that your rental property can offer in that area. Airbnb does not only help the local investors but also boost the economy and the need for local services. In that way, it also creates more jobs and more opportunities for other investors, such as restaurants and bars.

The local city council regulations also vary in different places in Australia. Many of them set restrictions on the number of nights each property is allowed to be rented out yearly. That is why it’s important to carefully look into all the possible details before going into the short-term rental business. Also, it’s not only about getting a house and renting it, but you also need to offer outstanding quality, hospitality, and unique experiences that will guarantee a better occupancy rate for your property.

The hotspots we mentioned are ready and open to receive more investors. We all know that in the end, the short-term property rental does not only benefit the owners but also gives a chance for the whole community and city to grow more popular.

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