Airbnb property

Are you considering delving into the wonderful world of Airbnb hosting? Or perhaps you’ve listed your property on Airbnb, but are struggling to gain traction with your bookings? In a home-sharing market saturated with some of the most luxurious, unique and trendy homes on offer, far too many Airbnb hosts neglect a crucial element of Airbnb management and success: ensuring your home is suitably styled for Airbnb. We’ve collated five of the most important home styling tips — particularly tailored for aspiring Airbnb hosts — to ensure that your property is fully booked all year round.

1. Lighting makes an impact!

Lighting in your home should serve the purpose of being functional and flattering: a well-lit room will appear more spacious, clean and open, while being practical for your guest. Be sure to avoid overly harsh fluorescent bulbs, as well as overly warm lights that will give the room a yellowish hue — opt for lighting that looks clean and natural.

2. De-clutter your space.

Personality is important, but be sure to avoid overwhelming your guest with too many of your own things. Consider adding style to your home with local artworks and fresh plants, rather than your own ornaments and personal possessions. Furthermore, If you’re listing your home on Airbnb while you travel, it is a fantastic idea to place your personal possessions in storage for the duration of your guests’ stay — both for their comfort and for your peace of mind.

3. Harmonise your rooms using decor.

Sticking to a consistent colour palette is a wonderful idea if you don’t have too much experience with interior styling. Stick to neutrals to keep your rooms looking clean and crisp, and add pops of colour for interest using printed pillows, quirky artworks, or warm-toned timber furnishing. Maintaining a particular style throughout the property will give your decor a classic, carefully crafted appearance without too much effort on your part, and will also cater to the varied tastes of your many future guests.

4. Don’t skimp on necessities. 

In order to ensure that your guest is as comfortable as possible, be sure to invest in necessities such as a full length mirror, a bedside lamp, a generous amount of seating throughout the house and a small nightstand for their personal possessions. Think of all the furniture that you absolutely require on a daily basis: as well as looking good, your property must appeal to your guests in terms of practicality.

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