If you’re just getting started using your property for short-term rentals, this Airbnb Host checklist is a great place to start.

As an Airbnb host, it’s imperative to be fully prepared for your guests’ arrival. It’s equally important to make sure that everything is set up nicely for their entire stay at the property.

As an Airbnb property management company, HomeHost is extremely qualified to give you a detailed list of everything that you should consider when preparing to host guests in your home.

Airbnb Host Checklist

Airbnb Host Checklist: Getting Started

Being an Airbnb Host, and starting your journey to become an Airbnb Superhost is all about being the host with the most.

You don’t want to offer just a bed – you need to offer a full 5-star or even 6-star experience.

In our experience, we not only prepare the basics (such as providing sparkling clean properties and freshly made beds), but we also prepare something extra to make sure that the guest experience is outstanding. Think of little welcome packs, those extra amenities for guests travelling with families, guides for the tourist in each of us.

We are also prepared for the worst (it’s better to be safe than sorry – right?). This means that we’ll prepare back up keys for people who get locked out after a weary day of travelling, or a light snack or bottled water for someone who has a late arrival and no shops are open nearby.

These are the small things that really make a difference to guests.

On top of that, we don’t focus on the same thing all year round, but we keep an eye for the trends and improve our properties whenever there is that space for improvement.

From the moment a guest books until the moment they check out and beyond – these guests are your opportunity to have a raving, referring fan.

We all know that excellent guest experiences bring more good reviews and good reviews bring more bookings!

So, it’s everything that counts, the clean bathroom, comfortable bed, little gifts, tips & notes, and making sure everything is in order.

We created this checklist so that you can quickly look at the things that are most important and should be found in your property. The top Airbnb property management companies always make sure to have everything in place for each guest.

Airbnb Host Checklist: The Bedroom

Airbnb Host Checklist: The Bedroom

Comfort and convenience. These are the top two things that guests want that you need to deliver.

1. Bed linen & pillows

Make sure that your mattress is not old and your pillows are comfortable and replaced frequently. Nothing spoils a good night’s sleep more than an old uncomfortable mattress and flat pillows. Don’t use too strong washing powders on your linens as some guests can be very sensitive to that. Also, remember to place some extra linen and pillows throughout the property in case there is a need for those.

2. Air conditioning, heating, fans, and temperature control

In Australia, this is typically a must-have. There are some drastic changes in air temperature in Sydney and Australia throughout the seasons (summer can be very hot, winter can be very cold), so it’s a good idea to have a fan or heater in the bedroom at least.

3. Dresser and/or shelves

Guests who are staying more than one night want to get a bit more comfortable and hang their clothes. Make sure you also place a few hangers for their use.

4. Extras

This is all about making your home THEIR home. Guests LOVE those little extras that they would also have at home.

Add a garbage bin, a box of tissues, bedside lamps, a pen and note pad, a safebox for passports and other valuables, and maybe a pair of disposable earplugs if you’re in a noisy area.

Even candles that the guest can choose to use or not. Get also an electrical mosquito killer – it can be very appreciated, especially if there are guests with allergies for mosquito bites.

Airbnb Host Checklist: The Bathroom

Airbnb Host Checklist: The Bathroom

Now that we have the bedroom set up, we can go to the next most important room, which is the bathroom! Travellers don’t want to carry everything they need for personal hygiene with them but expect to find them at the property. Make sure your bathroom is stocked with:

1. Clean towels

At least 1 set of towels for each guest, preferably a hand and face towel too. If you are a beach property, beach towels are always a nice complimentary touch and will save your shower towels from being completely destroyed.

2. Toilet paper

Make sure there is enough for even a longer stay and that it’s easy for the guests to find it.

3. A hairdryer

Guests can need these at any time, so be prepared and make them readily available.

4. Toiletries & Amenities

You can easily buy these in bulk. Get soap, shampoo, body wash, combs, disposable toothbrushes, toothpastes, disposable razors, and body lotion. Shampoos and body wash are also products that the guests like to leave behind so you can have a common basket where they can leave them for the next guests to use.

Airbnb Host Checklist: The Kitchen

Airbnb Host Checklist: The Kitchen

If your property has a kitchen make sure that all these necessities can be found:

1. A kettle, with a selection of tea and coffee (or a coffee machine)

This is the most used feature of every Airbnb kitchen. Make sure you’ve got enough cups for guests, as well as enough ingredients to have at least 2 cups per guest per day.

2. Basic ingredients

Think of the small things that you’ve ever wished you’d had at a hotel. Things like butter, sugar, salt, pepper, milk. You can also take advantage of other products that guests like to leave behind for the next ones to use.

3. A set of dishes

Make sure you have at least 2 sets of everything for each guest including cups, plates, glasses, wine glasses, cereal bowls, cutlery, etc.

4. A set of pots and pans

Stock a reasonable amount of pots and pans that are in good condition. The size of the pots and pans should be relative to the amount of guests you can host at your property. For example, don’t even think about having a tiny pan if your property caters for 10 guests at once.

5. Cleaning products

Dishwashing liquid, all-purpose cleaner, dustpan, paper towels and trash bags. All of the things your guests can use to clean as much as they want, so that they’re not living in their own mess during their stay.

Airbnb Host Checklist: The Living Room

Airbnb Host Checklist: The Living Room

Lastly, but not least, make sure your living room or lounge room is equipped with some cozy atmosphere, as it will be the most common area for your guests to sit down and relax. Some quick tips are:

  1. Get some books, preferably in English, as that is a universal language. Guests can leave books in other languages.
  2. If you have a TV, leave clear instructions on how to operate it (including PayTV instructions), and have a wifi login available too as sometimes its the first thing guests ask for.
  3. A game console is an excellent entertainer, but make sure your games are up to date and not from the last century.
  4. Have some colouring books, pencils, games, playing cards and puzzles for the whole family – this is especially handy for when their is a power outage or when guests want to switch off from technology.
  5. Get a full-length mirror at least for one of the rooms – it may sound bizarre, but it’s really important for guests who are preparing to head out for the day.

Airbnb Host Checklist: The Guest Experience

Airbnb Host Checklist: The Guest Experience

The guest experience is the most crucial factor in making money from Airbnb.

It’s abundantly clear from the moment a guest checks into the property if a host has put in the effort to make the guest feel at home during their stay, or if they’re just another number.

Small things like a bottle of wine, a fruit basket, a small welcome note, or something else from your local area can really make a difference.

Make your guests relaxed, make them feel welcome, and make them feel like they are an important part of your life.

Use this checklist each time that you want to understand how to prepare your home for a guest, and become a 5-star Superhost. Always remember, it’s details that make your guests come back and recommend your property.

If you would like to learn more about Airbnb property management, or about Airbnb property management companies like HomeHost, click here to schedule a free phone call with us. We’ll chat about how much your property may be worth, how other similar properties in your area have been performing, and why HomeHost has so many great reviews on Google and Facebook.