Airbnb management

Airbnb has frequented the limelight as the innovative online marketplace that has effectively created a new market of short-term property rentals, driven by the value of unique experiences and authenticity. But what does this mean for you, the local? Despite the Australian government’s slow adaptation of the rules and regulations regarding short-term holiday home letting, the platform has brought about a number of positive changes for Sydney-siders. Below we’ve listed some of the biggest improvements to life as Sydney locals that have been brought on by Airbnb.

1. Tourism is improved due to abundant budget-friendly accommodation.

The platform offers accommodation to suit a wide range of budgets, making a visit to Sydney more accessible to travellers with limited money. These travellers are drawn by money-saving benefits such kitchens for making home-cooked meals, discounts for lengthy stays, and free credit from other  users. Globally, Sydney is one of the platform’s top 10 cities for home-sharing: Airbnb gives us the opportunity to share our beautiful city with travellers from all walks of life, and even enables a market for tourism in areas that are typically quieter than the regular tourist hot-spots.

2. This increase in tourism has increased avenues for employment in a number of industry sectors.

Increased tourism drives business for restaurants, cafes, bars, transportation companies, retail stores and more — making these businesses much more likely to thrive. This results in a greater demand for employees in these sectors, improving job prospects for Sydney locals. Airbnb has also seen the creation of entirely new businesses such as Airbnb-specific cleaners, property managers, and software developers.

3. Property managers such as HomeHost make Airbnb hosting a hands-off avenue for generating extra income. 

Extra income is waiting to be unlocked in the form of your spare rooms or unoccupied home, and the process of unlocking this extra income via Airbnb hosting can be incredibly easy (and even labour-free) with the help of Airbnb property management companies such as HomeHost. You can sit back and relax while we do all the work, maximising your financial return while you manage your own day-to-day activities, work and travel. We find that many of our clients use this extra cash to dramatically slash their mortgage or fund an overseas trip for the family.

Are thinking about jumping on the Airbnb bandwagon? At HomeHost, we specialise in Airbnb property management for your Sydney properties. Turn your time away into extra pay, effortlessly! To learn more about our services, contact the HomeHost team at or call 1300 17 17 18.