Airbnb continues to be a great way to do business for those who have properties for short term rentals. The biggest concern in many cases is that the competition is fierce and it can be hard to stand out from the thousands of other listings available in some areas.
The following tips are going to help you supercharge your Airbnb offer to ensure that you attract more guests. This is also going to be very useful to guarantee that you get a 5-star rating for the service as a whole.

Create a house manual

One of the most appreciated features of any short-term rental is the house manual. This should be a short, but very descriptive guide of the house rules, the basics about the home features, emergency information, and how to make use of the appliances.

Creating this manual will take a bit of your time, but the long-term benefits are definitely worth it. Just make sure that the manual makes sense. Everything should be explained in detail and with clarity.

Include transportation logistics

People want to know where the most important places are located and how far away they are from the property. By creating a good guidebook with transportation and location information, you will be giving your rental a very powerful competitive boost.

Showcase nearby attractions

Being able to look into nearby attractions is always going to be useful for guests. You could also include a section on your guides that shows them directions to the best attractions they can visit. You can divide these attractions into family oriented and nightlife areas. This is very helpful for people who are traveling with their children.

Shopping locations

You want to include a guide that shows the location to malls, convenience stores, supermarkets, flea markets, holistic products, etc. One of the first things that people want to do when they stay in any location is to purchase specific items.

Go digital

You could also take the next step in this process and create an application that people can download to their smartphones. This would include all of the guides mentioned earlier and the good news is that creating this kind of app is very affordable now as it is a simple process. There are plenty of freelancers who will do this for a very low cost.

Let them know the price ranges

You could go the extra mile and mention the price ranges of some of these locations. This is going to add an extra layer of information that your guests are really going to appreciate. Knowing the approximate costs of each location is going to save them a lot of time.

Provide guided tours

The cherry on top would be for you to provide guide services to show your guests around your area. Some Airbnb property owners decide to do this themselves and it works out great for them. The idea is to provide the guest with the guidance needed to move around the city with ease.

Final thoughts

You could simply make a large guide that includes all of this information in one convenient printed handbook. Your guests are going to love this and you are very likely to get a 5-star rating for this reason alone. If you can add images to the guide and print it in colour, it will be even better.

Some people laminate their guides in order to keep them from being damaged and this gives them protection that lasts for years. The priority is to create the guide, and then you can work on the details such as style and overall presentation.