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One of the main reasons why guests choose Airbnb over an ordinary hotel is that they want to experience the local way of living. And what would be more local than to stay where the locals stay and have the experience of a local home. It also brings the guests closer to the community where they live. Although Australia or any other place in the world can offer tailored sightseeing tours, there are always those little secret places that only the locals know. Not to even mention the best restaurants hidden behind corners, bars with the coolest atmosphere and nature trails that don’t even appear on the maps.

Different Airbnb management companies are now trying to wake up the hosts to bring in some local touch to their properties. Airbnb property management is not anymore about making the place look nice, but also offering the best local experiences. It’s all about giving the guests that deeper dive into the local life, and in that way, it also becomes much more personal experience.

As an Airbnb management agency, we always look for new possibilities to open up the local life to the guests of the properties we are managing. Some have the benefit of the location, which can offer a variety of places and things to see. Others may have a structure on itself that offers a truly unique local experience.
For the host, offering experiences can also be a perfect way to earn some extra income and, at the same time, have the opportunity to spend time with guests and show them the best bits of local life. With Airbnb property management, we’ve also worked together with property owners to bring in some new experiences that we want to show to the guests. And who would know the area of the property better than the owner himself?

The best thing about Airbnb’s experiences is that they are usually something that no other service can offer. They are truly unique and tailored activities that can only be found through Airbnb. What makes them even better is that through their guest reviews, anybody is able to see the real value of the experience. So, what can the experiences be? Only the sky’s the limit. It can really be anything. Just browse through the experiences section on Airbnb, and you will see the massive variety of things that there is to offer all over the world.

With our years in Airbnb property management, we have seen many different kinds of guests coming and going. We have learned what they look for and what are the experiences they want to see in the places where they visit. So, we made a list of 5 best tips on what experiences to offer and how to get the best out of them.

1. Community meetups

Airbnb local hosts regularly set up a community meeting, where all the local Airbnb community gets together. Yes, this is including the guests too! It’s not a meeting for the hosts only, but also for the guests to meet other guests and share stories of travels while the hosts plan for better guest experiences. Guests are, of course, more than welcome to share their views and ideas about the experiences which they would like to try out.

2. Food

Food is always important, and nobody can resist a local culinary experience. Offering a local cooking course is one of the most popular experiences offered by Airbnb hosts. Having a chef coming to do the course at guests’ own Airbnb property provides them an excellent chance to feel the local food at the comfort of their own guesthouse. Doing the shopping beforehand together with them at the local market ads up even more to the great experience.

3. Nature

Even the biggest cities can have a hidden forest just outside their gates. If there are astonishing views or hidden waterfall or even a mystical forest path to show to your guests, then why not take them there! And not to the most touristic trail but the one where only locals go to. Biking trips are also popular and can take guests to very ordinary places.

4. Art

Is it possible to find unique and local art? The one that the tourists buy to bring back home. Take the experience deeper and show them how art is created. Maybe they can do their own if it is possible or perhaps there is a local community who is specialized in making it. It can be introduced to the guests so that they can take a journey to the making of and history of the art.


Some places are known for their indigenous animals. They can be as common as a horse to the locals, but to somebody from abroad, it can be very extraordinary. The zoo is always a great experience, but a local lama farm can be even more fascinating. If turtles are common in your area, find the local community turtle centre where you can have a deeper insight into them.

Remember that even if it’s not exciting for you since, as a local, you have experienced it all your life, it can be something amazing for the guests, especially when they are from a completely different culture. That’s what the experiences are all about in the end, to offer a different point of view from the ordinary life of the destination.

Airbnb management is not only about offering a bed for the guests to sleep. It’s a whole experience of different cultures, places, foods, drinks, people, and vibes. You get the joy of being able to share your everyday life, and at the same time, it pays you extra and makes you an excellent host.
With the best experiences, you can even double your income, and with better reviews from the guests, you will have even more guests in the future. If you have that spectacular experience in your mind, wait no longer but put it to action.

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