4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home This EOFY

Managing a successful Airbnb listing can be challenging, especially without the assistance of the right holiday home agency. To maintain good ratings, or improve the scores you are currently getting, it is essential to do regular checks of your property and make sure it is still delivering against your guest’s standards and expectations. There are a lot of simple improvements that you can do, and taking advantage of the End of Financial Year sales is a great time to do it.

Get the Little Jobs Done

Regular holiday home maintenance can be tricky, especially if you don’t live in the same locale as your property. However, it is crucial, especially to maintain safety and a good appearance for guests. A regular schedule will keep the little jobs from becoming big jobs and identify any potential problems early. EOFY is the perfect time to regularly schedule your Airbnb maintenance, especially as you can take advantage of the sales if you do need to replace anything.

Updating and Renovating

Kitchens and bathrooms will make or break the guest’s experiences. Airbnbs that offer access to a functional kitchen can charge up to 14% more than those that don’t, while a working dryer can add 10% to your potential revenue. People are willing to pay more for better facilities. So when you are looking around for EOFY bargains, be critical about whether your property could do with some improvements in these areas. Is it time to upgrade your shower or oven? These upgrades also last a relatively long time so that they can bring a long-term benefit for your returns for a short term high cost.

Styling It All Together

Having excellent Airbnb styling is a huge factor in giving guests a good experience in your property. Styling means making sure you don’t have outdated furniture or appliances, which may provide guests with a feeling of age or decay. Keeping an eye on this is especially crucial for holiday rental properties, which get a higher rate of use than might otherwise be the case but can also end up getting a bit neglected as the owners lose their connection to the property. Keep your styling updated regularly, with the help of EOFY sales. Even a new light in the living room will make a difference, but you should also consider whether your televisions, soft furnishings, including mattresses, and other decorative items could do with a touch-up.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Support

Critical for getting a 5-star review from a guest is the cleanliness of your property. Thorough holiday home cleaning between guests is essential, as if your Airbnb fails to meet a guest’s standards, you will see your future bookings plummet. Anything else you do is wasted money if you don’t have this right. EOFY is a great time to look at how you handle your Airbnb cleaning and make sure it is working for you, especially if you are doing it yourself.

Overall, the end of the financial year is a great chance to regularly review your Airbnb and make sure you are maximising your returns. If you aren’t sure what to do to get the most benefit for the least cost, an Airbnb property management service will be able to assist you.