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Are you looking for a way to get in touch with Airbnb? We’ve got you covered.

Find your specific circumstances below for the fastest way to get in touch.

1. Neighbour Complaint

If you’re the neighbour of an Airbnb property, you may have a few complaints of your own. Dealing with noise disturbance, house parties, inconsiderate guests or other mayhem is not for the faint of heart. Here’s how to get down to business when disaster or annoyance strikes.

Call Airbnb. Reaching out directly may be the preferred option if you don’t mind waiting for a few minutes. The company takes calls 24/7 in Australia and New Zealand and offers assistance in English.

Airbnb Australia: +61 2 8520 3333

Airbnb New Zealand: +64 4488 0888

Airbnb Customer Service in the US: +1 855 424 7262

Tweet Airbnb. Airbnb is active on Twitter and posts updates in real-time. Check their account for potential answers to your questions before reaching out directly. When sending a DM, be sure to include the email address associated with your account for further assistance.

Last but not least, check out @AirbnbHelp for more info.

Plan Ahead. If you know a neighbour is in the process of renting out their home or property, ask for contact details in advance. Your point of contact could be anything from a property management company to an individual owner since rentals vary. Either way, you’ll be happy to know who to call when the time comes!

2. Make a Booking

If you’re new to Airbnb and want to try it out for yourself, start your journey on the website. Fill in a few details about your stay like location, dates, and guests to start your search. Have fun scrolling through photos and reviews before finding your favourite holiday hub.

If you prefer the app, familiarize yourself with the support bot feature for virtual assistance. Start by opening the app and locating the ‘Profile’ page. Click ‘Help’ for a list of likely scenarios including assistance with an upcoming reservation.

Pro tip: If you’re a newbie, know there’s more than one way to use Airbnb. Many people rent for a few days or a week while others prefer long-term stays of a month or more at discounted rates. Check each listing for applicable options before booking.

3. Contact Your Host

If you’ve had a change of plans or need to get in touch with your host for any other reason, head over to the website or app for support. Guests with a confirmed reservation should check the message thread for their trip to locate the host’s email and phone number. Alternatively, go to ‘Trips’ to find your reservation and the host’s information.

If you’re staking out a rental but haven’t yet made reservations, click ‘Contact Host’ through the listing to send a message.

You’re welcome to get in touch with your host after your stay by sending them a message through your inbox. Payment issues in need of a resolution are handled by the Resolution Centre. If all else fails, check out the Help Centre for other questions you may have.

4. Becoming a Host

Are you thinking of hosting yourself? If so, visit this guide to learn everything there is to know about renting out your property. The site will walk you through everything from co-hosting to basic requirements including a myriad of useful articles.

While most people are familiar with Airbnb’s rental houses and apartments, did you know you can also host things like classes, tours or even online experiences? Hosting just got a lot more diverse. For example, you now have the option to host free temporary stays for people in need. Consider helping out first responders or refugees in transit as a charitable alternative.

Another option for those less interested in the nitty-gritty is hiring a host management company. Maybe you’ve got the space to rent but aren’t interested in rolling up your sleeves. If so, visit HomeHost for a Sydney-based solution to your Airbnb management needs.

While the website may help answer your questions about hosting through a third party, it also makes reference to Airbnb as the kingpin of all hosting queries. For example, HomeHost can arrange for housekeeping services after every stay, while questions pertaining to hosting on rental properties default directly to Airbnb policies.

5. Learning the Ropes

If you’ve decided to host, welcome! There’s a lot you’ll need to learn and there are plenty of people ready to help. Head over to Airbnb’s Community Centre for discussion rooms, featured discussions and links to popular topics. Make friends and start conversations with members from around the world for an easier transition.

Not sure where to start? Click on ‘Discussion Rooms’ and ‘New to Hosting’ for answers to common questions. Make yourself at home by saying hello to the group, or get valuable feedback from seasoned hosts. For example, ask for critiques (i.e. constructive criticism) to tweak your listing or pose a question for member suggestions.

Don’t forget that hosting can be loads of fun. This forum provides members with inspiration for their rentals (or a chance to socialize with others) under the ‘Interests’ page and learning opportunities under ‘Tips & Tutorials.’ The bottom line? There’s no shortage of information, inspiration and advice on this site for hosts at any stage.

As a second option, check out the independent Airhosts Forum as a similar support portal. Topics like phishing, influencer guests or grievances about Airbnb policies are all up for debate. The site is run by hosts for hosts without the bells and whistles of the Airbnb version, though its content is equally on point.

Final Thoughts

Airbnb is an industry unto itself with growing popularity and service offerings. Whether you’re interested in booking your stay, becoming a host or commiserating with members, we’re here to connect you ASAP.

How do you feel about Airbnb’s virtual services or neighbourhood tours? What do you make of the company as a whole? Feel free to share below. In the meantime, best of luck with your personal query and let us know how you got on!

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