Airbnb Management Practices to Minimise the Effect of COVID-19

With the exception of residents of Victoria, domestic travellers from across Australia are currently able to visit New South Wales, which means there are still many opportunities for Airbnb hosts in Sydney to generate a rental income from their properties. However, in order to attract guests in these unusual times, you will most probably need to modify your hosting practices. Below, are some suggestions on ways in which you can do this, while ensuring the safety of your guests remains your top priority.

Recommended COVID-19 Airbnb Marketing and Management Practices

There are a number of ways in which you can make your properties more attractive to prospective guests, some of which may involve changes to your booking/cancellation policies and some of which are related to practical concerns such as social distancing and sanitation.

  • Consider Offering Penalty-Free Late Cancellations – Providing your guests with a little more flexibility as far as cancellations are concerned could go a long way to alleviating fears about late changes to travel plans resulting in significant financial loss. If a no-penalty policy for late cancellations is not practical, a reduced penalty or longer penalty-free cancellation period may represent a good compromise.
  • Efficient Refunds – By ensuring that you process all refund requests promptly, you will encourage guests to book with you again when they are able to travel freely. Encouraging guests who cancel bookings to book again may not be something you would normally consider a priority but in these times, it is important to adopt a pragmatic approach and maintain good relations with prospective guests.
  • Intensive Cleaning – It is vital that you follow all government and industry guidelines with regard to Airbnb cleaning protocols while the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing. Best hygiene practices must be observed at all times, including deep cleans between visits with anti-bacterial and virucidal products. Cleaners should wear face masks while cleaning your property and should not be present whenever guests are there.
  • Consider Changing Key Collection Procedures – If you currently meet your guests to hand over the keys to your property, it may be a good idea to review this arrangement with a view to reducing the need for social contact. At the very least, wear a face mask and ensure that keys are disinfected after each guest hands them back and before you hand them over to new guests.
  • Discounts for Long Stays – If you don’t currently offer discounts for weekly or monthly bookings, you may like to think about introducing them, at least for the time being. Longer bookings mean less cleaning in between visits and could make it easier for you to maintain a decent occupancy rate in the current environment.

If you would like some help to adapt your Airbnb management procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic, consider letting us manage your property or properties for you. We offer an all-inclusive professional Airbnb management service in Sydney that takes the hard work out of generating an income from short-term rentals in the city.