Tips to getting more Airbnb bookings

There is no denying that Airbnb is an amazing service for property owners looking to profit from short-term rentals. The only downside to the growing popularity of the Airbnb platform is that the listings are huge, and this means that it’s no longer easy to ensure that your rental is going to be found by customers.

The competition is fierce and it grows day by day, so you need to implement a certain number of strategies that are going to help you achieve optimal results. This is the reason why we have come up with 10 tips to getting more Airbnb bookings for your business.

1-Create a convincing profile

Airbnb is always going to prioritize profiles that have proper descriptions. Their algorithms are searching for the best profiles and this means you need to complete everything that is requested on the profile information section of your Airbnb page.

2-Create an attractive property description

You should think of this description as a pitch resembling the one you would create if you wanted to sell the property. You should emphasize the safety, the convenience, the key locations that are nearby, etc. You should also ensure a proper description for every room, hallway, and any other area of the house.

3-Keep the prices competitive

There is a very delicate balance that you need to keep with your prices. If you go too low, you are making it seem like your property is a last resort kind of deal, but if you go too high, you will lose rental opportunities to others with more reasonable prices.

4-Respond to all enquiries

One of the things that Airbnb considers essential is for its members to be as responsive as possible. The faster you reply to all enquiries, the more likely that you will be seen as a great option. There are many situations in which people decide which Airbnb to rent solely based on which of their favourite options replies first.

5-Keep your calendar updated

Letting people know when your property will be available is very important. Always make sure to update your calendar with any days of the month that has been booked already.

6-Keep up with the trends

The Airbnb community is vast and there are trends when it comes to what your guests may expect from the service. Making sure that you are aware of any changes and any trending demands is going to help you stay one step ahead of other competitors that don’t keep up with those constant changes.

7-Make improvements to your property

The design and the style of your property can always be altered to meet the demands of your guests. If you evaluate the amount of business that could be generated by a few modifications, you may find that this is an investment worth making. Proper Airbnb styling is quite a big deal.

8-Answer reviews

Good or bad, you should always reply to your reviews with the most appropriate message possible. If a reviewer seems rude and angry, always be polite and offer to ensure that the issue will be corrected. This is always the best way to deal with this kind of situation.

9-Give your guests an experience

Being able to provide an experience to your guests that goes beyond renting a property is always a good idea. You could offer tours of local attractions or city guides.

10-First impressions are always essential

If you can make your guests feel like they are being given a royal treatment upon arrival, you will be able to make that first impression that will ensure an outstanding review when they leave. Hiring a good Airbnb Sydney management company is a great way to ensure optimal results.

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